Cameras, Thermal Imaging, and Temperature Monitoring Solutions for High Temperature and Industrial Processes

Since 1974, SYN-FAB® has specialized in the design, manufacture, sales and service of high temperature and industrial process monitoring camera systems.  State-of-the-art camera, thermal imaging, and temperature monitoring solutions are available for all boiler, furnace, and kiln applications.

Specialized cameras and imaging systems for monitoring other process areas that are too dirty, wet or corrosive for conventional systems are also part of our extensive product line.

Tools for Improved Efficiency

The real-time images produced by our high temperature camera systems can be used as a tool to improve efficiency, reduce emissions, minimize fuel consumption, troubleshoot problems, aid in start-ups, and improve safety margins.

Adding the integrated ability to accurately measure boiler, kiln, or furnace process temperature to the video capabilities of the imaging system greatly expands the utility of this technology. All of our equipment is supported 24/7 by our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

High Temperature Camera and Imaging Systems for Boilers, Furnaces, and Kilns