Modern Industries can Adopt Efficient Operations with Industrial Thermal Imaging Cameras

The battle to “reduce emissions” is more than a buzzword for industrial operations around the globe. The public demands accountability, politicians float lofty expectations and shareholders expect to see progress. It’s up to companies themselves, however, to find the best way to accomplish this goal and lowering product output as a way of “reducing emissions” […]

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Technology That Makes Furnace Monitoring Possible Built To Withstand Harsh Environment

As many can imagine, the processes that unfold when cooking, drying and curing metals, construction industry products or chemicals can be dangerous. With temperatures climbing into the thousands of degrees and extreme heat and fire making this possible, it’s clearly not a place for people to go poking around. This is where the topic of […]

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Trust High Temperature Camera Company With Four-Plus Decades Of Experience To Aid Your Business

Ensuring the safe operation of highly-complicated industries is a responsibility that can never be shirked. That’s because, in part, the potential for human error is just too high and the negative effects of lax protocols could be far-reaching. Fortunately, there are companies such as SYN-FAB that are offering advanced cameras capable of withstanding extreme temperatures […]

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